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Pipe Problems? Rodenhiser’s Piping Experts Can Help

pipe problems fixed Boston, MA areaBrown or foul-tasting water, leaky or noisy pipes, and water pressure problems are just a few of the piping issues you may experience in your home. These problems can be both hazardous to your family’s health and potentially damaging to your home. Because there can be major consequences that arise due to plumbing mistakes, it’s best to call a professional if you are experiencing any problems with your piping. Read More Pipe Problems? Rodenhiser’s Piping Experts Can Help >>

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Repiping Reconsidered

Like all household appliances and fixtures, water pipes don’t last forever. There will be times when you need plumbing maintenance or repair, which may include replacing the existing pipe with a more durable material. Older, corroded water pipes can cause undesirable effects that you don’t need to live with.

How do you know when to consider repiping in your home? If you are experiencing any of the following situations, pipe replacement may solve the problem: Read More Repiping Reconsidered >>

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