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Common Plumbing Problems Your Holliston Home Might Experience

Water leaks are very common complaints heard by professional plumbers in  Holliston and the Route 495/128 area of Massachusetts. In some cases, the water appears suddenly and seems to have no known source. In other cases, it is obvious where the problem is. Homeowners and renters alike need to know what the most common plumbing leak problems are.

Where’s the Water Coming From?

sink faucet
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Here are five of the most common places where plumbing problems occur:

  • Faucets get heavy use. Every time you turn a faucet on in the tub, sink, or shower, you are causing wear and tear. Over time, that can cause seals to wear out. Plus, the changes in water pressure that occur when the faucet is turned on or off can damage the hoses beneath.
  • Dishwashers go through a ton of water every time you use them. If a seal goes bad, you can start seeing water come out from under the appliance. Sometimes the water will come out in large quantities. Other times, the water will only drip. This will cause discolored tiles or warped underlayment.
  • Water heaters will spring leaks. As the tank on the water heater ages, it may start to rust out at the bottom. If you see standing water, under the water heater, you need to have a professional assess the tank. You may need a replacement.
  • Toilets are used everyday in most households. There are actually several places leaks can start occurring. There is a seal between the tank and the bowl. There is another one between the bowl and the floor. The water supply line can start leaking. A crack in the tank can also cause problems.
  • Washing machines are often the source of surprise masses of water. When a supply line fails, the water will start spraying everywhere. It is important to replace plastic or rubber lines with steel braided ones, which are much stronger.

If you have one of these most common plumbing leak problems, you should take action as soon as possible. Call in the plumbing professionals here at Rodenhiser Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning.

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