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7 Situations That Demand a Professional Plumber

Some jobs are too big, dangerous or costly to think about anything but professional work.

DIY work is perfectly fine for some jobs that you face around the house, but chances are you’ll one day need a professional plumber. We live in an era where homeowners are empowered through detailed project books, online repair videos and project episodes on home-improvement television shows. And that’s a great thing. But some projects fall more into the advanced category.

Get a complex project right, and you’ll have plenty of reasons to feel proud about your plumbing abilities. But get them wrong, and you might be injured, cause more damage than you’re trying to repair or even face a fine from the city.

To be on the safe side, always call a plumber if the project is far beyond your capabilities. Here are 7 of them where a pro might be a better choice than DIY.

#1: Every Plumbing Job That Requires a Permit

If the job that you plan to take on requires a permit, you need a professional plumber. These are typically bigger jobs, but “big” can also be relative. A plumber will know which work needs an official green light from local code enforcement and which doesn’t.

For example, you could likely replace a faucet or your washing machine water supply hoses without applying for one. But if you need a new gas line, you definitely need a permit and a plumber.

Permits help prevent shoddy workmanship and safety issues that can affect the home, neighboring property, and the city. They’re issued for a fee. And once the project is complete, there’s usually an inspection. If a permit is involved, take the safer and easier route and go pro.

#2: When There is a Problem With the Main Line

It’s happened to most homeowners. There’s a blockage somewhere in the home, and it affects more than one room. Maybe the kitchen sink is backed up, so is the guest bathroom sink and two of the toilets in the house won’t flush properly. It might indicate a blockage in the main line, and you’ll probably need a plumber to resolve it.

Issues with the main line often need a lot more than a bottle of caustic drain opener. Any number of problems might be behind the blockage, and DIY attempts to clear the line might actually make it worse.

Tree roots can grow into the main line and sometimes foreign objects get lodged inside. And sometimes a line breaks and requires excavation and replacement. A plumber has the right knowledge to diagnose the problem and the skills to make it right.

#3: If You’re Replacing a Water Heater

Water heaters can be fragile appliances and tank-style models are fairly heavy and awkward. Tankless styles are smaller, but they’re no less fragile. One false move and you might throw out your back or break the new appliance. Then you’ll be back at square one with a much lighter wallet.

Water heater replacement usually falls into the “hire a pro” category. It’s not only the simple way to handle the job, it also helps avoid expensive loss from damage. And then there’s the issue of disposal for the old unit. You can’t set it out with the household trash.

Aside from handling the water heater without risking damage to yourself or your property, there’s also the electrical wiring and gas line to think about. And if you have a tankless heater, the job might be doubly complicated. Unless you have plenty of experience, leave this job to a plumber.

Even a new showerhead might be more complicated than it looks, once you consider the hardware that you can’t see.

#4: When You Need a New Bathtub or Shower

There’s nothing particularly technical about a bathtub or shower stall unit. In most cases, they’re molded from metal, fiberglass or acrylic and have no moving parts. But even a small shower is larger than an average doorway. How will you remove the old and bring in the new?

Plumbing disconnect is another major factor. You might disassemble the drain and other plumbing hardware to remove the old bath or shower unit. But do you know how to put it back together again? And what if the drain line sags beneath the floor in the process?

Installing a new tub or shower takes more expertise. If the unit isn’t level, it might crack or align improperly with the existing water supply and drain. And some acrylic and fiberglass units require a custom foundation underneath to serve as support since those materials flex under pressure. There’s more to a tub or shower than meets the eye, so it’s a good idea to call a plumber.

#5: If You’re Swapping out an Old Toilet for a New One

Toilets also have no moving parts, at least if you only consider the unit and not the hardware. But they’re heavy, and separating the tank from the bowl to help facilitate removal is sometimes more challenging than it looks. That’s especially true if the tank bolts have rusted.

Unless you want to turn yours into a planter, there’s also the disposal to think about. A plumber will deliver the new unit and take away the old so you don’t have to worry about it.

Then there’s the installation of your new toilet. Although many use a reasonably standard measurement of about 12 inches, newer models vary. This measurement is called the rough-in, and it’s the distance from the wall to the center of the flange or ring that surrounds the drain opening in the floor. A plumber knows which toilet will work with your rough-in so you won’t have to move a drain.

#6: When You Need Sump Pump Repair, Installation or Replacement

Sump pumps are never in a convenient location. They’re in a crawlspace or basement. And if you need a new one, chances are there’s water to contend with, as well. This is usually a job for a plumber.

Sump pumps may be pedestal or submersible style. Pedestal units use a sensor that’s dropped into the water and ironically, submersible pumps float. While either type might last for 15 years or longer with regular maintenance and cleaning, you’ll probably have to replace one in time.

The reason most people need a plumber for sump pump work is that if you get it wrong, you’ll have a flood. And if that happens, you’ll spend a lot more for a professional to set it right again.

#7: If There’s a Mysterious Leak or Gas Odor That You Can’t Trace

One of the most frustrating things homeowners can face is a mystery problem that can’t be tracked down. Sometimes, it’s a faint whiff of sewer gases. And sometimes is water in an area where it shouldn’t be.

Plumbing gases are notoriously tricky to find. You might smell the odor for just a second in the foyer, but the real problem might be inside a plumbing vent stack near the back of the house. Or maybe it’s just a toilet or sink with a dried-out trap that hasn’t been used in weeks. Traps block gases, but only if the pipe bend stays filled with water.

Tracking a water leak can be equally frustrating. And where gases smell awful and even make you sick, a leak can slowly worsen over time to rot floors and structural components and lead to mold. But if the leak is hidden behind drywall, you might not find it until it’s too late. In either case, the professional plumbers at Rodenhiser can track down the culprit and stop it in its tracks.

DIY work is great and it can give you a sense of real accomplishment. But when the job is too big or the risks of getting it wrong are too great, the safer route is to call a professional plumber. You might save a lot of money, too. If that’s surprising, consider the costs of a repair or installation gone wrong. One call guarantees professional work the first time.

If you need plumbing work, rely on the same company Massachusetts homeowners in the Route 495 / 128 area have trusted for over 85 years. Rodenhiser can handle your plumbing issue no matter how big or small. So if you need a bathroom renovation or just a new kitchen faucet, call Rodenhiser and schedule an appointment.

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Who are the Most Trusted Plumbers in Massachusetts?

Plumbers in Massachusetts
Life’s big and small plumbing problems are a lot less stressful when you know who to call.

When looking for the best and most trusted plumbers in all of Massachusetts, you really need look no further than Rodenhiser. For more than 87 years and counting, we have built a reputation for excellence that’s unsurpassed.

Our customers agree, and you will, too. We’re the local Massachusetts experts, and your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

We’re Superior, Since 1928

Few plumbers can claim a sterling reputation that dates as far back as Rodenhiser. Without generations of satisfied customers, we couldn’t have remained in business so long. Our goal then was the same as it is now: offer a superior level of service, and make that our guarantee.

This is a family business, and we take pride in it. We offer convenient service – now on Saturdays at no extra charge – and everything that we do is backed by a solid warranty. You can rest assured that Rodenhiser will be polite, and treat your and you home with the utmost respect.

We Offer No-Worry Pricing

One of the chief concerns when working with Massachusetts plumbers is whether the bill will even remotely resemble the price that was discussed in advance. With Rodenhiser, you get peace of mind. That’s because we have firm up-front pricing that lets you relax.

Our pricing policy lets our customers make an informed decision with a full understanding of cost and without any nagging concerns about the unknown. Our payment options are straightforward and convenient, too. We accept all major credit cards, plus cash or checks, and we also have a financing option.

Rodenhiser Stays on the Cutting Edge with Technology

For all of your repair work, and installation too, you can trust that the latest technology and advancements in the industry are second nature with us. We’re at the forefront both with technology training and implementation, which means the work that we do for you is always cutting edge.

This commitment means that you always get the best. Our team provides the best service, repairs, and plumbing installations for both residential and commercial properties. We’re nationally recognized as industry leaders who always strive to identify the finest in new technology and embrace it for the benefit of customers like you.

Plumbers in Massachusetts
We’re on time, and we treat every customer with respect.

Our Customers Say it Best

The greatest confirmation of our commitment to customer satisfaction is the sincere words that our customers use to describe their experience with Rodenhiser. Here are just a few examples:

May 6, 2016: Rick P. did an excellent job of explaining to me the replacement alternatives as well as as giving me an easy 1-2-3 guide to get the MassSave credit!!

May 4, 2016: I have had 4 other companies come into my home to give me quotes, and Ross’ professionalism and depth of knowledge blew everyone else out of the water. I was beyond impressed with the level of detail and care that Rodenhiser puts into their consults. I would highly recommend them to any friends or neighbors. Thanks for your exceptional service!

April 20, 2016: Brian H is always a welcome sight at my door. He came to install a new kitchen faucet. He discovered a potential problem with the main water meter. The city was notified to turn the water off while he adjusted the meter. He is an astute professional and a pleasure to work with.

Rodenhiser’s 87-year reputation for excellent service and customer satisfaction means that of all Massachusetts plumbers, we’re the one you should call. We take our responsibility seriously. And to prove it, we ensure that all of the work to your satisfaction. That’s a promise, and it’s our guarantee.

For repairs, updates, new installations and more, contact us today and you’ll receive prompt, courteous service that’s the best in Massachusetts.

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Here’s How You Get into the Plumbers Hall of Fame

Plumbers hall of fame
Hire the best plumbers, and you’ll always get what you pay for.

It’s good to be king. Or at least it’s good to have an honorary spot in the Plumbers Hall of Fame.

OK, so it’s not a real place (yet), but the level of skill and professionalism that sets some plumbers apart from the rest makes a darn good case for trophies, plaques, or at the very least, a distinctive badge.

Some plumbing jobs are minor, and some make homeowners quake in their shoes. Regardless of whether a job is large or small, those few and legendary plumbers make everything OK again. They go where no one wants to go, repair what few people can repair, and treat their customers with the utmost respect.

Here’s what makes a legendary plumber different from any old average guy with a pipe wrench.

Strive for Constant Improvement

Everyone who works as a licensed plumber has at least some plumbing education. After that, there’s often an apprenticeship. That’s where skills are fine tuned and the plumber learns from a master in the industry. But the top plumbers always strive to become better and never stop learning and perfecting their craft.

Give Reasonable Quotes

A plumber’s quote is his word, and it’s all that the customer has to rely on. Those with the highest level experience issue an accurate quote every time because they know their job, the cost of materials and parts, the time required to complete the work and sometimes most importantly, how to account for the unexpected.

Stay Reliable and Trustworthy

Most customers have a vague idea about plumbing, but that’s about the extent of it. A lack of knowledge and familiarity puts customers in a vulnerable position where they might be easy to take advantage of. That’s why reliable and trustworthy plumbers are worth their weight in gold. Plumbers with a reputation for showing up on time, performing quality work that lasts and charging reasonable rates get the most referrals because they’ve earned them.

Plumbers hall of fame
Hall of famers build on their good reputation by doing great work and respecting that homes that they work in.

Respect Customers’ Time and Home

There’s a reason why so many people make jokes about repair people arriving late, quitting early and leaving a big mess behind. That’s because the few bad plumbers in the industry leave such a bad impression that customers grew a bit leery. Respect for customers’ time and home helps good plumbers earn a spot in the hall.

Offer Credentials

No customer should have to ask for credentials. Moreover, no customer should be made to feel intrusive for doing so. If a plumber shies away from presenting licensure, insurance, and other credentials, he’s not the best choice. Those who have a higher station in the industry know that credentials give homeowners peace of mind, and they’re happy to oblige.

Plenty of people can repair a small leak and install a kitchen faucet. But what if you have a mysteriously slow drain that no amount of effort has been able to resolve? Or what if you’re building a new home or addition and want everything perfectly reliable from the start?

The plumbers hall of fame might not have a corporate headquarters or hold annual banquets, but some plumbers have certainly striven to rise above the crowd. That’s what we at Rodenhiser Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning aim for every day.

If you’ve got a plumbing problem, we have the answer. Contact us today and learn more about what makes Rodenhiser the right choice for your home.

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Keeping Sewer Roots Out Of Your Sewer Line

sewer line troubleshooting Boston, MA areaTrees lend beauty to a lawn. They can provide a shading that enhances your cooling in the summer and absorbs heat from the sun. Tree roots, on the other hand, can cause problems. One major problem happens when they grow into sewer lines and clog them.  Read More Keeping Sewer Roots Out Of Your Sewer Line >>

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