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Three Problems That Can Keep Your Sump Pump From Doing Its Job

Heavy rainfall from storms or rapidly melting snows can be a source of flooding in basements or crawl spaces. Standing water in either situation can cause water damage that is not covered under standard homeowner’s insurance. A sump pump can automatically eliminate standing water in these situations by pumping out the excess water into septic tanks or other areas suitable for drainage. Read More Three Problems That Can Keep Your Sump Pump From Doing Its Job >>

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Sump Pump Solutions

Unfortunately, excess moisture is fairly common in the basements of Massachusetts houses. If your basement is damp and musty-smelling, you can verify your suspicions with this test: Tape a 2-foot-square section of plastic sheeting to any wall or surface where you suspect moisture may be entering or accumulating. Check it in a day or two. Any wetness indicates a moisture problem in that part of the house.

If you do find a problem, you can first try to solve it with a dehumidifier. Then examine your gutters for leaks or plugged areas, make any necessary repairs, and make sure the gutters are directing water away from your house’s foundation. Then do the plastic sheeting test again. If you still have moisture, it’s time to consider a sump pump. Read More Sump Pump Solutions >>

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