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3 Reasons to Keep Your Sump Pump Clean

Sump pumpThe sump pump might not be the most glamorous part of your home, but it’s certainly one of the most important. Whether you have a full basement or just a crawlspace, this device helps prevent flooding, which can landslide into a host of other problems. The only thing that your sump pump asks in return is a little care, maintenance and cleaning.

As often as feasible, give your basement or crawlspace a quick check to ensure the equipment is removing water effectively. And at least a couple of times a year, give the unit a thorough cleaning or call us. Here’s why it’s a good idea:

Always Be Prepared for Wet Weather

Whether or not anyone is ready to admit it, winter weather is not far in the future. That brings snow and sleet, which could translate to water in your basement. Because you never know exactly when water will seep in, the best defense is a good offense.

The worst possible time to find out that your sump pump needs maintenance is during or after a storm. And when the weather is cold, a wet basement can be a miserable place to work. Keep the sump pump clean and you’ll have a better chance of keeping the basement dry throughout the fall, winter and on into next spring.

Sump pump

Keep Your Socks Dry

Where water infiltration is a chronic problem, most homeowners opt out of finishing the basement into a living space. But basement laundry areas are still fairly common. If you’re one of the people who check the dryer in your stocking feet, water on the floor can be an awfully unhappy surprise.

Even a little dampness can also lead to mold. In an environment that’s already damp from the washer and dryer, that’s a perfect recipe for mold and mildew. So do yourself and your family a favor. Check the sump pump sooner rather than later.

Avoid Costly and Unnecessary Repairs or Early Replacement

Perhaps the most important reason to keep your sump pump clean is extending its lifetime as much as possible. If it’s left to do its job but isn’t cared for in return, the whole thing could go up in smoke long before its time is due.

A checkup and cleaning aren’t time-intensive. It doesn’t cost a fortune, either. And considering that every pump will eventually require replacement, cleaning and maintenance now mean your new sump pump investment is less likely to happen by surprise.

Most homeowners aren’t excited about showing off the sump pump. It’s not as aesthetically pleasing as, say, a new sofa, stainless refrigerator or flat-screen TV. But the second that it malfunctions, it gets everyone’s attention. Fortunately, the problem can often be avoided with maintenance and care.

Avoid a water backup in your basement or crawlspace and keep your equipment working smoothly with regular cleaning. At Rodenhiser Plumbing, Heating A/C and Electric, we’ve helped homeowners in the Route 495 / 128 area with plumbing issues for generations. And we can handle your sump pump, too. Call Rodenhiser today and we’ll handle the messy work.

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Are Sump Pump Odors Turning Your Stomach? What You Can Do About Them

Are foul smells emanating from the basement? Sump pump odors are telling you something’s wrong. A sump pump is an essential safeguard against flooding from interior or external sources. Situated in a covered basin in the floor, the pump may be activated by groundwater rising up from below the foundation, by an inundation due to a ruptured pipe in the house above or  floodwater entering from outdoors.

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Three Problems That Can Keep Your Sump Pump From Doing Its Job

Heavy rainfall from storms or rapidly melting snows can be a source of flooding in basements or crawl spaces. Standing water in either situation can cause water damage that is not covered under standard homeowner’s insurance. A sump pump can automatically eliminate standing water in these situations by pumping out the excess water into septic tanks or other areas suitable for drainage. Read More Three Problems That Can Keep Your Sump Pump From Doing Its Job >>

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Sump Pump Solutions

Unfortunately, excess moisture is fairly common in the basements of Massachusetts houses. If your basement is damp and musty-smelling, you can verify your suspicions with this test: Tape a 2-foot-square section of plastic sheeting to any wall or surface where you suspect moisture may be entering or accumulating. Check it in a day or two. Any wetness indicates a moisture problem in that part of the house.

If you do find a problem, you can first try to solve it with a dehumidifier. Then examine your gutters for leaks or plugged areas, make any necessary repairs, and make sure the gutters are directing water away from your house’s foundation. Then do the plastic sheeting test again. If you still have moisture, it’s time to consider a sump pump. Read More Sump Pump Solutions >>

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