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Silent Running: Why Ductless AC Systems are So Quiet

AC systemsHave you ever noticed the impressive quiet that descends during a power outage? People are inundated with noise to varying degrees all day long, every day. And a big part of that noise comes from heating and cooling systems.

It’s so common that silence can be a bit jarring at first. With a ductless AC, you’ll find a significant reduction in ambient noise. That’s the stuff you live with every day, but rarely pay attention to unless it stops. A ductless system replaces that noise with sounds so slight you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Here’s why.

There Aren’t Any Ducts

Maybe you’re thinking, “Thank you, Captain Obvious!” But some homeowners are so accustomed to a central system that relies on ductwork, it’s hard to imagine how HVAC could function without that network. It’s simple, and part of the reason why ductless systems are so quiet.

Also called mini-split systems, ductless heating and cooling uses very small tubes, and they don’t run throughout the house. These tubes connect the wall-mount unit to the condenser outside. Air flows into the room from the wall unit, not from registers. And it’s usually much quieter than a small fan.

AC systems Ductless engineering is quiet from the start.

Noisier Equipment is Outside (and it’s Not Very Noisy)

You won’t hear heavy equipment cycling off and on all day the way that you can with some traditional systems. When they start up, most generate a bit of noise from the motors and then from the fans that force air through the ductwork. And then there’s the noise of the whooshing air, itself.

With a ductless system, those major mechanical sounds primarily happen outdoors. And because ductless condenser units are much smaller than traditional heat pumps, the sounds that they do product are quieter.

Ductless AC Systems are Designed for Quiet

Aside from the overall function of a ductless system and how it differs from an ordinary setup, ductless heating and cooling is built to be quieter than its counterparts. Each component is thoughtfully engineered to reduce noise, which makes living with them much more peaceful.

You can expect a higher level of insulating material in the components that inherently produce noise. For example, where there’s a motor, you’ll find sound-dampening technology. All air conditioners vibrate to some degree. But with ductless, you’ll find vibration dampening technology, too.

Noisy Systems Might be a Sign of Trouble

Most people grow accustomed to normal sounds that accompany a traditional HVAC system. But sometimes mechanical issues emerge and then grow so gradually that they’re unnoticed until they’re critical. Home inspectors and HVAC technicians have devoted pages and pages of educational material to the topic of identifying noises. But the bottom line is that some sounds are never normal, no matter what.

You can expect to hear a fan spinning. And when a motor kicks on, it’s not usually a silent process. But clunks, bangs, whirrs and buzzing noises are a good indicator that the unit is in distress. If your system has developed a new vocabulary of noises, it’s probably time for a checkup and it might be time for a whole new system.

Ductless AC and heating systems can surprise the savviest of homeowners. They’re ultra-efficient, so most people start saving money right away. Another big shock is the heating capability. Where a traditional heat pump isn’t designed to produce adequate heat when temperatures take a severe dip, ductless systems, which are heat pumps, can usually perform quite well. But for day-to-day living, the ambient noise reduction is an extraordinary benefit.

If you’re tired of living in a buzzing, whirring, whooshing home, maybe it’s time to consider high-efficiency ductless. All that you’ll feel is comfortable, conditioned air. And all that you’ll hear is quiet.

Rodenheiser has delighted Massachusetts clients throughout the Route 495 / 128 area for over 85 years. Talk with us about your new ductless HVAC system install and see why so many homeowners are making the switch.

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