What is Aeroseal?


AerosealMost homes have leaky ductwork to some degree, and that reduces air quality while costing you comfort and money. In an average home, about 30 percent of conditioned air is lost to leaks, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. But Rodenhiser offers Massachusetts homeowners an effective and affordable solution: Aeroseal.

This technology changes the way many people think about duct leaks. If you consider the location of your home’s ductwork, it’s hard to imagine accessing all of it. Finding and sealing leaks that might be tucked away in the farthest recesses probably seems impossible. But that’s what Aeroseal does.

Watch how Aeroseal works:

Finding Leaks Where They Hide

There’s no such thing as a typical location for ductwork leaks. Some areas are more prone, such as seams and bends, but leaks can pop up anywhere in the network. Instead of locating every gap and sealing them one by one, an Aeroseal treatment focuses on sealing every leak at once. This tells us exactly how much air your ductwork is losing.

We seal off the registers throughout your home and run a pressure test. That shows us the extent of the problem and how much air is being lost. Then we temporarily seal off your HVAC system from the ductwork to prevent any of the material from getting inside and causing damage.

Aeroseal reaches all of the places that you can’t get to.

Sealing Every Leak in Your Ductwork

Once the system is prepped, then the Aeroseal process starts. We inject aerosol sealant particles into the ductwork and keep them from settling right away by circulating the air inside. That gives the material a better chance of finding its way to leaks instead of landing and sticking where it’s not needed.

This process seals the ducts from the inside, which is a more effective method than aluminum tape and mastic applied from the outside. It not only finds more leaks, but it seals them permanently. And unlike mastic sealants, only a few ounces of Aeroseal is required to do an average home.

Gauging the Results

After the Aeroseal treatment is complete, we don’t leave you wondering whether or not it worked. The whole process, beginning to end, is computer monitored. You’ll see the initial results from the pressure test that show the extent of air loss. And then you’ll see how much is lost after the treatment. The difference is usually dramatic.

We’ll provide you with a certificate of completion that contains a before-and-after summary of duct leaks. You’ll see the total CFM of leakage and how that would compare to a single hole in the ductwork. For example, a total loss of 254 CFM is the equivalent of a 48-inch hole in the ductwork. And you’ll also see how the improvement in your system translates to better HVAC efficiency.

No ductwork is 100 percent leak-free. The average home has numerous gaps throughout the network. Each one on its own might be small and insignificant. But collectively, these leaks can equal big losses.

Aeroseal makes ductwork sealing faster, easier and much more effective. It approaches the problem differently. Instead of a technician investigating the ducts and sealing whatever is found, this material is naturally attracted to every leak, no matter where it exists. Even if there’s a tiny leak in the farthest reaches of your attic, Aeroseal will find and seal it.

If your utility bills are oddly high and your home isn’t as comfortable as it should be, chances are you have leaks in the ductwork. Rodenhiser is the HVAC professionals that Massachusetts homeowners have relied on for generations. Contact us for Aeroseal HVAC service today, and see a dramatic improvement next month and all year long.

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