Expert Interview Series: Karlyn Knafo of Fibertec Window and Door Technologies on the Benefits of Fiberglass Windows and Doors


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Karlyn Knafo is the Marketing Coordinator at Fibertec Window and Door Technologies, the link between informed consumers and high performance windows and doors. We recently asked her about the benefits of fiberglass windows and doors. Here’s what she had to say:

Tell us about Fibertec Windows and Doors. What makes your product unique? What sets it apart from the competition?

Fibertec Window and Door Technologies is North America’s leading fiberglass window and door manufacturer. For more than 25 years, Fibertec has set a high standard in the industry for high performance and we continue to reach out to homeowners looking to build green homes.

Our fiberglass windows and doors are extremely energy efficient, providing not only exceeding energy ratings, but also an aesthetically pleasing product that provides year-round comfort. We are one of the only companies in the industry that provides a solid, closed back fiberglass frame for our windows. We can also proudly say that we manufacture our glass in house, allowing us to provide maximum quality control.

What are the benefits of fiberglass doors and windows versus products made from other materials?

Fiberglass windows and doors will outlast all other window components such as vinyl and aluminum. Fiberglass is also a very low-maintenance product, offering stability in its structure and flexibility in its design properties. Fiberglass windows can be painted to any custom color desired, without the homeowner experiencing any fading over the years.

Fiberglass frames are the optimal choice because they can withstand heavier units such as triple pane units. As energy efficiency becomes more popular over the years, the demand for a more solid and reliable frame without additional support grows as well. Fiberglass frames will not warp or crack, no matter the weight of the sealed unit.

How do fiberglass doors and windows help the environment?

Fiberglass windows and doors are considered to be energy efficient and a much better choice for the environment. It helps reduce the use of heating and air conditioning, which leads to less use of electricity and gas and ultimately helps reduce emissions into the environment. Fiberglass does not emit any toxic odors. Fiberglass is also recyclable and in case of a fire, will decompose slower than vinyl would in such a case.

What are the qualities of a high-performance and energy efficient window or door?

Several important qualities of a high-performance fiberglass window or door begins with the build of the frame. A closed back frame rather than an open back frame will provide durability around the entire perimeter. The sealed unit is also a crucial component of manufacturing a high-performing product. From the type of glass used, along with the type of glass coating and sealant used, a sealed unit must be handled with care during fabrication in order to eliminate the possibility of seal failure. An energy efficient window will have high energy ratings to go with it. U values as low as 0.12 can be expected from our fiberglass windows and doors.

Why should homeowners care about installing more energy efficient doors and windows? What are the benefits?

Homeowners can greatly benefit from the cut in energy costs when installing energy efficient windows and doors. Having a combination of an air tight seal, gas fills between the panes of glass, triple glazing and appropriate glass coatings will all provide the homeowner with an energy efficient window that allows natural light to be used to its advantage, and block out the heat or the cold when necessary.

There are many different properties of the building envelope that contribute to a home’s level of energy efficiency. However, windows are the biggest cause of energy loss. Fiberglass windows are most capable to keep an air tight seal, without ever warping (which leads to loss of energy) over time.

How often should homeowners look at replacing doors and windows?

The beauty of fiberglass windows is that they never have to be replaced. Vinyl windows usually need to be replaced about every 10-15 years, thus costing at least double the price of fiberglass windows over time.

What should homeowners be doing seasonally to further weatherproof their doors and windows?

For the most part, the windows are kept shut for the longest time during the winter. To prevent from any issues with the window’s operating mechanism, it is best to lubricate every now and them to keep the windows in the best condition. Otherwise, fiberglass windows are very low maintenance and don’t need any further work to be done on them for weatherproofing.

Think it might be time to make your home more energy efficient? Set up an appointment online to get your energy efficient HVAC set up.

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