Plumbing Leaks Lure Thirsty Pests

He’s only cute if he’s outside.

As if a plumbing leak wasn’t bad enough on its own, now look what it has attracted. Living things of all shapes and sizes mainly have one thing in common, and that’s the need for water. Some creatures, such as humans, puppies, tigers, and bears, need a lot of it. And some, such as mice and insects, only need a little.

Unfortunately, a plumbing leak might leave just enough water to attract all sorts of invasive varmints. You might not find a bear in your kitchen when you flip on the light, but you might have a similar reaction to cockroaches scurrying across the floor. When that happens, the only way to keep them out for good is to locate and stop the leak.

Plumbing Leaks Can be Anywhere

Virtually anywhere you have drain and water supply lines, you have the potential for a leak. Some lines run under floors, some are found inside walls, and some run through the ceiling.

If you see a rodent or insect, think about whether there’s a water supply close by. Sometimes it’s obvious. If a cockroach runs under your kitchen sink cabinet, there’s a good chance that a leak in the sink drain line or one of the water supply lines is the culprit. It could also be a leaky disposal or dishwasher.

Sometimes you can’t find the source, but a plumber can. If the leak is under the floor, around the bathtub or behind your washing machine, a bit of investigation on the part of your plumber will suss it out. The E.P.A.‘s Marcia Anderson says that the presence of rust on any fixture is a good clue that there is a water problem.

Plumbing Some spots are famous for water leaks.

It Doesn’t Take Much Water

Don’t be fooled by the notion that a leak means a major pool of water. Because insects and rodents are so small, it doesn’t take much to make them happy and comfortable setting up housekeeping inside your home.

Your leak might only amount to a few drops a day. It might not even pool, but soak into the subfloor or drywall. As long as the dampness is relatively consistent, critters will know where they can wet their whistle.

Kitchens are a special problem because of the amount of plumbing plus the smorgasbord of crumbs. When you consider ample water plus the available food source underneath the kitchen stove deck or under the fridge, you might as well have hung out the welcome sign.

With warm weather upon us, it’s more important than ever to find and repair plumbing leaks. Insects and rodents thrive in spring and summer, multiplying at a rate that might boggle your mind. They all need water, and your home is a great source for it. Then when fall arrives, whole colonies may have established themselves as permanent residents.

But you can issue their eviction papers by calling Rodenhiser plumbing experts. We know where to look for pesky water leaks, and we can repair them to make your home less inviting to pests. Contact us today for plumbing repair that seals leaks permanently.

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