Why Now is the Perfect Time for an Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Air conditioning
A little maintenance now is good insurance against big problems later.

The best time to ensure the performance of your air conditioning is before you need it. Regular maintenance keeps this important home system operating at top performance. Every summer, it gets a real workout. And after resting through the winter months, it might need a little TLC. Now is the perfect time to protect your investment and secure a spot on your Rodenhiser HVAC technician’s schedule.

Identify Problems Before Cooling Becomes Mission Critical

Warmer air is breaking winter’s hold on Massachusetts, but there’s still a while before summer is really in full swing. If you wait for service until you need air conditioning, you might find yourself in a bind.

Issues of all sorts can plague air conditioners, especially after a season of sitting idle. If yours has a lurking mechanical or electrical problem, the cooling season in your home might be delayed by days or even weeks while waiting for a repair part to arrive. Do yourself a favor, and call for maintenance before summer settles in. If you need repair, you won’t have to wither away in a hot home while waiting for delivery of a part to put your system back in order.

Air conditioning
Regular maintenance calls save you money on energy consumption and future repairs.

Save Money and Enjoy Better Efficiency

Maybe your air conditioner runs, but it’s not in peak condition. If you switch on the appliance when the weather gets warm, you might get cool air and higher electric utility bills. Maintenance ensures your air conditioner operates as efficiently as it can. Without it, you could spend a lot more and waste a lot of energy.

The longer you wait for regular maintenance with an inefficient air conditioner, the more energy and hard-earned cash you’ll waste. And you might not even realize that there’s a problem until the first bill arrives. Schedule a tune-up today, and you’ll be ready to shift into the new season.

Get an Appointment on Your Technician’s Schedule

There are two times of year when HVAC technicians rarely have a moment to sit and relax. The coldest part of winter and the dog days of summer find service people with calendars so full they can barely see any light at the end of the tunnel. Why are they so busy? Because once temperature extremes hit, homeowners with defective appliances have real emergencies.

Early spring is ideal for air conditioner maintenance because few people have a genuine heating or cooling emergency when the weather is moderate. Your HVAC technician is much more likely to have a spot available for you in his schedule, and you’re less likely to wait several weeks for an appointment.

Seasonal HVAC maintenance is what keeps your cooling and heating systems in good working order, and it helps preserve the life of your investment. Small problems creep up, and they can turn into major ones if left undetected. Even minor issues with efficiency can cost you money because your energy consumption grows.

Now is the perfect time for air conditioning maintenance. Your Rodenheiser professional will clean the system, check it for obvious and not-so-obvious problems, and make any repairs necessary before temperatures climb.
Set up an appointment online today, and beat the summertime air conditioner maintenance rush.

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