Is Your Central Air Conditioner Ready for Summer ’16?

Central air conditioning
It’s that time of year again, time for seasonal AC maintenance and repair.

Central air conditioner units tend to operate safely and problem free for many years, especially if they’re treated to regular preventive maintenance. But with summer 2016 coming up soon, you’ll want to find any potential problems and nip them in the bud.

Some problems are minor annoyances, and your HVAC technician can set them right again with relative ease. But some need quick action to prevent injury or further damage to the system. Here are 4 issues to watch out for that mean your system needs a little help.

Lower Airflow from Registers

If you can’t feel any air coming from the registers, or it seems to be rather weak, you might have a problem with the fan or an issue with your ductwork. Another possible problem might be your air filter. The filter is easy for you to check. If it’s dirty, replace it. That can restrict airflow. If you’ve recently replaced it with a high-filtration model, check with the unit manufacturer or your HVAC technician to find out whether it’s compatible. Some HEPA filters restrict airflow and aren’t recommended for certain units.

For everything else, you’ll probably want to make a service call. A broken or damaged fan, damaged ductwork and other possible issues that can restrict airflow need the diagnosis and repair of a professional.

Strange Noises Inside or Out

Every air conditioner makes noises that are normal for its operation. But some noises are never normal. Air will typically swoosh, at least a bit, from the registers. That’s normal. And Most units have a distinct hum, and you can probably hear the fan cycling sometimes. That’s normal, too. What’s not normal are sounds that bang, clank, and buzz.

Even if you can’t detect what’s wrong, it’s sometimes easy to know when a sound isn’t normal. Bangs and knocks, growls and buzzing could each indicate a serious problem with your air conditioner. Turn off the unit, and give your technician a call.

Cycling on and off Frequently

Some air conditioners seem to switch on, and then off, and then back on again within the span of a few minutes. That’s called short cycling, and it’s could have a few different causes. The unit might be the wrong size for your home, or it might be damaged. Or you might only have a defective thermostat.

Short cycling overworks your air conditioner, and it drives up your cooling bills. What’s worse is that your home doesn’t get as cool as it should, and humidity levels and to increase. If your AC is short cycling, do yourself a favor and make that call.

Central air conditioner
Electrical problems need attention right away.

Tripped Circuit Breakers

If you have a new AC unit that trips your circuit breakers, you probably need an electrician to examine the wiring and circuit breaker to be sure that they’re up to code. But if the air conditioner that you’ve had for a while suddenly starts tripping its breaker, you might have a more serious problem.

When an existing air conditioner that once operated just fine begins to trip its breaker, that means a new problem has emerged at the unit or in the wiring. More important, it indicates a safety hazard. Turn off the unit and call a technician as soon as possible.

With summer 2016 just around the corner, an air conditioner that operates smoothly and efficiently will soon be a top priority. But you can get the jump on the season with Rodenhiser and have any problems repaired before a failing system interferes with your family’s comfort.

Contact us today to discuss the issues you’re having and schedule a service call. With over 85 years serving Massachusetts homeowners, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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