Here’s How You Get into the Plumbers Hall of Fame

Plumbers hall of fame
Hire the best plumbers, and you’ll always get what you pay for.

It’s good to be king. Or at least it’s good to have an honorary spot in the Plumbers Hall of Fame.

OK, so it’s not a real place (yet), but the level of skill and professionalism that sets some plumbers apart from the rest makes a darn good case for trophies, plaques, or at the very least, a distinctive badge.

Some plumbing jobs are minor, and some make homeowners quake in their shoes. Regardless of whether a job is large or small, those few and legendary plumbers make everything OK again. They go where no one wants to go, repair what few people can repair, and treat their customers with the utmost respect.

Here’s what makes a legendary plumber different from any old average guy with a pipe wrench.

Strive for Constant Improvement

Everyone who works as a licensed plumber has at least some plumbing education. After that, there’s often an apprenticeship. That’s where skills are fine tuned and the plumber learns from a master in the industry. But the top plumbers always strive to become better and never stop learning and perfecting their craft.

Give Reasonable Quotes

A plumber’s quote is his word, and it’s all that the customer has to rely on. Those with the highest level experience issue an accurate quote every time because they know their job, the cost of materials and parts, the time required to complete the work and sometimes most importantly, how to account for the unexpected.

Stay Reliable and Trustworthy

Most customers have a vague idea about plumbing, but that’s about the extent of it. A lack of knowledge and familiarity puts customers in a vulnerable position where they might be easy to take advantage of. That’s why reliable and trustworthy plumbers are worth their weight in gold. Plumbers with a reputation for showing up on time, performing quality work that lasts and charging reasonable rates get the most referrals because they’ve earned them.

Plumbers hall of fame
Hall of famers build on their good reputation by doing great work and respecting that homes that they work in.

Respect Customers’ Time and Home

There’s a reason why so many people make jokes about repair people arriving late, quitting early and leaving a big mess behind. That’s because the few bad plumbers in the industry leave such a bad impression that customers grew a bit leery. Respect for customers’ time and home helps good plumbers earn a spot in the hall.

Offer Credentials

No customer should have to ask for credentials. Moreover, no customer should be made to feel intrusive for doing so. If a plumber shies away from presenting licensure, insurance, and other credentials, he’s not the best choice. Those who have a higher station in the industry know that credentials give homeowners peace of mind, and they’re happy to oblige.

Plenty of people can repair a small leak and install a kitchen faucet. But what if you have a mysteriously slow drain that no amount of effort has been able to resolve? Or what if you’re building a new home or addition and want everything perfectly reliable from the start?

The plumbers hall of fame might not have a corporate headquarters or hold annual banquets, but some plumbers have certainly striven to rise above the crowd. That’s what we at Rodenhiser Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning aim for every day.

If you’ve got a plumbing problem, we have the answer. Contact us today and learn more about what makes Rodenhiser the right choice for your home.

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