Plumbing Problems That are Common in Basements


Do you have the slightest worry about your basement flooding? Cracks in the wall, excess rainfall, and accumulated moisture can play a role. But, the most common reason why flooding occurs in basements is from a plumbing leak. Understanding what causes the most common basement plumbing problems will help you stop them from occurring.

Basement Flooding Caused by Plumbing Issues

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Here are 6 ways a plumbing leak can lead to basement flooding:

  1. Sump pump failure accounts for many cases of basement flooding. The pump sits in the lowest area of the basement, usually in a hole. Normally, it pumps water out of the basement and away from the house. If the pump fails, however, the water will start to accumulate and cause flooding.
  2. Water heater or boiler leaks usually happen when the holding tank rusts out and starts leaking. The leak may start out small, but will become bigger with time. Pipes going in and out of the water heater or boiler can also develop leaks.
  3. Washing machine hoses burst on occasion, usually after years of use. Regular inspection can find minor leaks. Routine replacement, generally every three to five years, can prevent problems.
  4. Water pipes freezing. In basements that are not well insulated, temperatures can reach freezing levels. If pipes are not well insulated, the water inside can freeze and expand, causing the pipes to burst.
  5. Sprinkler or pool pipe leaks outside can flood the basement. Water travels downhill. If the pipes are close to the foundation, the water can easily leak into the basement causing flooding. You should know where the shutoff valves for these pipes are and cut off the water when they are not in use.
  6. Leaking pipes are another reason for flooding in the basement. If you find signs that one of your supply or drain lines has a leak, have a plumber inspect and fix any problems he finds.

You do not want even one of these most common basement plumbing problems to occur. Contact us here at Rodenhiser Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. Our team can inspect your basement for any plumbing problems.

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