Allergy-Proof Your Home With These Tips


Do you suffer from a stuffy nose or itchy, watery eyes even when spending time indoors? If you have indoor allergies, take a few steps to allergy-proof your home and help you breathe easier year round.

air cleanerIn the Bedroom

Use hypoallergenic covers for pillows and mattresses, and wash sheets weekly in hot water. Keep your pet out of the bedroom. Run an air cleaner when you sleep and close the window at night to keep pollen and grass out.

In the Living Room

Look into replacing upholstered chairs and sofas with leather, wood, metal or plastic furniture. Wash window coverings regularly and replace horizontal blinds with washable roller shades. Be careful not to overwater house plants that could harbor mold growth.

In the Kitchen

Run the hood exhaust vent when cooking and cleaning to remove fumes and reduce moisture. Wash dishes daily and scrub the sink to remove mold residue. Discard spoiled food in the fridge promptly. Sweep nightly and take out the trash to reduce rodents and cockroaches.

In the Bathroom

Run the exhaust fan when you shower to draw moisture outside. Dry the tub or shower walls to remove standing water. Clean the tub, toilet, sink and counter weekly, and wash towels after every use.

In the Basement

If possible, install vinyl, linoleum or concrete in the basement to mitigate potential water damage from flooding. Regularly check for leaks or signs of water intrusion from the foundation and window wells. Run a dehumidifier to reduce dampness and help prevent mold growth, and make sure the dryer vents to the exterior. Store clothes and other items in plastic bins rather than cardboard boxes.

Throughout the Home

Establish a weekly cleaning routine that includes dusting, vacuuming, sweeping and cleaning the bathroom. Remove knickknacks that make dusting more difficult. Control humidity with a humidifier in the winter and dehumidifier in the summer. Don’t smoke in your home and ask guests to step outside if they need to smoke.

For more tips to allergy-proof your home, please contact Rodenhiser Plumbing, Heating & Air. We’ve proudly served the Route 495/128 area of Massachusetts for 80 years.

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