What Do Attic Noises Mean?


If you occasionally hear noises in your home’s attic, you may comfort yourself, thinking, “Oh, it’s just the house settling or air moving through ducts.” While these excuses could be actual causes, a more likely source of attic noise is critters.

attic insulationAnimal Noises in the Attic

  • A common Eastern gray squirrel is probably the culprit if you’re hearing attic noise during the day. They make a rapid scurrying sound as they run around.
  • A slower, plodding noise might be a raccoon, though these creatures move around both night and day, so you may hear them anytime. Raccoons may also make vocal noises.
  • If you hear a quick pitter patter mainly at night, you’re probably hearing mice or rats. In some homes, with the right (well, wrong) type of acoustics, the noise can be very loud. They may also make scratching or running noises inside walls.
  • A loud thumping noise in the nighttime hours is probably a raccoon or opossum.

Other Critters Who May Invade the Home

Other types of animals are less likely to make attic noise, but they can still find a welcoming environment in the spaces above your ceiling, behind walls and in crawl spaces.

Snakes, various insects, chipmunks, moles – any of these creates may get inside your house and make themselves a home. While animals and insects aren’t usually dangerous, they can damage insulation, wood and fixtures.

A trained inspector can determine what animals are hiding in your home based on odor, visual sighting of nests, droppings, tracks and even carcasses. Once they know what they’re dealing with, they can eliminate the problem.

If you have other, non-critter attic noises, it could be defective ducts or issues with plumbing. That’s when you should call Rodenhiser Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. We proudly serve homeowners throughout the Route 495/128 area of Massachusetts.

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