What’s the Best Way to Heat and Cool Your Home Efficiently?


The heating and cooling systems in the average home typically use about half of the energy consumed each month. To heat and cool your home efficiently and reduce unnecessary spending, it’s important to keep the HVAC system in good working condition with regular maintenance. What specifically should you focus on?

air filterAir Filter

The air filter protects HVAC components from dust and dirt accumulation, which degrades function and efficiency. A clogged filter increases energy consumption and can cause parts, such as the furnace blower, to fail early. Take a look at the packaging to see the recommended cleaning or changing by the manufacturer. In general, the air filter should be checked every month and changed once dirt has built up on the medium.

Thermostats and Temperature Settings

If you’re in the habit of using thermostat settings to save energy, consider installing a programmable thermostat to make your job easier. Programmable thermostats offer a minimum of four daily event changes, and you may select a thermostat that also offers daily program changes to accommodate any schedule. While the home is unoccupied during working hours, turn-back/up the thermostat 10 to 15 degrees for substantial savings. During sleeping hours, turn-back/up the program four to six degrees.

Air Ducts

Inspect the air ducts for leaks, holes and disconnected sections. The ducts are typically installed in the basement, crawl spaces or attic, and they’re easy to forget about. However, air ducts in poor condition can lose up to 30 percent energy. Ducts can be sealed and repaired with screws, mastic paste and foil-backed tape. Ducts in the unconditioned spaces should be insulated.

Preventive Maintenance and Care

Schedule annual preventive maintenance with your HVAC contractor to ensure efficient and long-lasting operation and efficiency for your furnace and A/C. These systems are important investments in comfort and energy expenditures. It pays in the long run to take good care of them.

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