Do You Know How to Change Your Home Air Filter?


Replacing your home air filter regularly improves HVAC system performance and efficiency, as well as safeguarding indoor air quality. Monthly home air filter changes are well within the skill set of any homeowner and pay you back with lower operating costs and enhanced indoor comfort.

air filterStep-by-Step Guide to Changing an HVAC Air Filter

  • Consult the HVAC system’s owner manual or ask your HVAC contractor to recommend an air filter. He’ll probably advise you to choose a filter with minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) rating in the range between 4 and 8. This rating number is clearly printed on filter packaging.
  • Once you have the new filter, shut down the HVAC system at the thermostat.
  • Next, find the air filter which, in most systems, slides into a slot in the furnace duct immediately adjacent to the blower. Typically, the filter installation slot is covered by an access door that unscrews or is spring-loaded.
  • Open the access door and pull the old filter straight out. As you remove the old filter, note any directional arrows printed on the filter to signify the direction of airflow. You’ll want to install the new filter with the arrow pointing in the same direction.
  • Using a rag, wipe away leftover dust and dirt accumulation in the filter mounting frame and duct around the filter.
  • Slide the new filter in, paying attention to the airflow directional arrow so it’s facing the same direction as the old filter. Make sure it’s properly mounted in the slot and secure. Reinstall or close the filter access door.
  • Turn on the HVAC system and make sure you can feel proper airflow from the vents. Then note the date you replaced the filter so you can stay on schedule for subsequent changes.

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