Protect Your Massachusetts Home From Winter Weather With These Tips


Severe winter storms are a part of life here in Massachusetts. Cold weather can drop in out of the Arctic, bringing below-zero temperatures and massive snow storms. Protecting your home against winter weather will help you keep your family comfortable until spring arrives.

clogged guttersHow to Protect Your Home From Severe Cold

  • Make sure your home is secure against winter winds. Outside elements on your home can get blown away when strong winter gusts strike. Inspect your home’s shutters, siding and gutters and verify they’re all securely fastened to the house.
  • Regularly remove all debris from the gutters. Clogged gutters can become very heavy with accumulated snow and ice, which can pull the gutters away from the house. Backed up ice can also cause ice damming on the roof, which can damage the eaves and roof deck.
  • Check the walkways around your home. Uneven walkways hide easily under snow and ice, making it too easy for a loved one to trip and fall in winter weather.
  • Use caulk and weatherstripping to keep air drafts out of your house. Caulk works well around window and door frames, while weatherstripping helps keep the movable parts of the doors and windows secure from drafts.
  • Prevent pipes from freezing with the help of easy-to-apply insulation. Frozen pipes can cause flooding and water damage. Inspect and insulate any pipes that are in unheated or non-insulated areas of your home, like crawl spaces, basements or exterior walls.
  • Keep tree branches away from your home. Ice and snow can accumulate on tree branches, causing them to break. A broken branch can damage anything beneath it, including your home or your car. Removing the branches before they become a problem is the best solution.

Take the time to protect your home from severe cold. For professional HVAC help, or to schedule a maintenance appointment, contact Rodenhiser Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning.

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