There’s an Array of Programmable Thermostats to Select From


programmable thermostat 8Programmable thermostats are one of the most affordable and effective ways to trim energy usage in your home, especially if you’re away on a routine basis. These devices remember when to change the temperatures in your home based on a schedule you set. Considerations for choosing the best one for your heating and cooling needs involves identifying the type you want, its features and its compatibility with your system.

Scheduling Types

There are three common scheduling models. These options include:

  • 5-2 day models – This type works well if you’re away five days in a row and you have the same daily schedule on weekends,
  • 5-1-1 day models – These keep the same settings five days a week and allow a different schedule for each weekend day.
  • 7-day models – These allow you to change the temperature for every day of the week.

Advanced Features

Almost all programmable thermostats have an override function that allows you to change the setting should you come home unexpectedly. Some thermostats also alert you when it’s time to check the air filter or when the system needs professional servicing.

The latest generation of thermostats includes those with WiFi compatibility, letting you monitor and adjust your home’s temperature settings from any location with an Internet signal. Some have sensors that detect movement and change temperatures when the room is unoccupied.


The type of HVAC equipment you have dictates the kind you choose. If you rely on forced-air heating and cooling, you can use programmable thermostats that control both. If you use radiant heating, you’ll need one that works with boilers. A heat pump requires a specialized thermostat called an intelligent recovery thermostat to control the way the system works to heat your home.

Some HVAC equipment is compatible with thermostats that run on batteries, while others need to be hard-wired into the system, but use batteries to keep the thermostat’s settings in the event of power outages.

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