How to Determine If It May Be Time to Upgrade Your Home’s Heating System


It May Be Time to Upgrade Your Home’s Heating SystemKnowing when it’s time to upgrade the heating system requires a review of energy bills, comfort, repair history and a professional assessment of the system. Furnaces have a lifetime between 13 and 20 years, and given the amount of use heating systems see in our climate, it could be shorter.

These criteria may help you come closer to a decision:

  • Energy bills rise without a change in temperature settings or much colder weather. When HVAC systems near the end of their useful lives, their efficiency drops. Parts wear and lose their original tolerances, driving up energy consumption. Your comfort may also suffer as the heating system struggles to keep up during exceptionally cold weather.
  • When a furnace hasn’t been professionally maintained on a routine basis, it’s more vulnerable to a premature breakdown, particularly if it’s been operating with a dirty air filter. Changing filters tops the list of routine maintenance tasks that lengthen the life of forced-air HVAC equipment.
  • If an HVAC professional evaluates your home’s system, he or she can advise you when it’s time to upgrade the heating system, particularly if there’s a cracked or suspicious heat exchanger. Problems with this part can disable your system entirely and be cost-prohibitive to fix.

Once you’ve made the decision to replace the heating system, an HVAC contractor should conduct a load calculation to determine the best size based on the characteristics of your home, including its size, layout, overall energy efficiency and your heating preferences. Skipping this step could result in installing a system that’s too large or small, both of which reduce system life, efficiency and comfort.

The load calculation may also show you where you can improve your home’s energy efficiency to reduce the heating load, like adding insulation or sealing air leaks. These improves can reduce the size of the system you need, which saves money initially and throughout the life of the system.

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