Hearing Noises From the Air Conditioner? What They’re Trying to Communicate


air conditioner noisesNo one wants their A/C to shut down in the middle of a heat wave in Massachusetts. If it does, you’ll probably find the temperatures unbearable. Making sure your A/C is running efficiently will prevent the problem and save you money in the long run. But what if you suddenly start hearing A/C noises?

Your unit is a set of components that needs to work together properly to do the job. When something is amiss, the A/C is sure to let you know about it. Here’s some sound advice on what A/C noises you need to pay attention to.

What Do Certain A/C Noises Mean?

  • Clanking, clunking, thumping or rattling is usually caused by loose components moving against other parts within the air conditioner. These can be internal hardware or a loose screw or fan pulley. It could also indicate that the A/C is in need of lubrication, especially if you hear a squeak also.
  • Squealing, growling and rattling are similar to squeaking. It generally means that inside components have lost lubrication or that a belt inside the unit has slipped.
  • A constant clicking inside means that a failed component such as a relay, thermostat or control switch is trying to activate itself.
  • Loud knocks or thumps can also happen. These could mean there’s a missing screw somewhere, a belt may need to be tightened or it could be something more serious.

These sounds need attention immediately. The faster you call for repair, the less damage the object will do to internal parts. A technician can let you know if it’s repairable or if it’s time to replace the A/C.

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