4 Types of Ventilation Systems to Improve Indoor Air Quality


ventilation systemsDifferent types of ventilation systems are required to efficiently heat and cool your home and maximize indoor air quality. The mechanical ventilation system exchanges clean outdoor air for indoor air to eliminate odors, pollutants and a build up of carbon dioxide (CO2). In the most basic sense, the ventilation system keeps the air moving in your home.

The type of ventilation used will depend on where you live and the overall climatic conditions. Homes in warmer climates such as Phoenix use different systems from homes in the Route 425/128 area of Massachusetts.

The types of ventilation systems should all have quiet fans, easily accessed controls in one area and work with the thermostat.

Types of Ventilation

  • Exhaust – This system is easy to install and works efficiently in cool climates. A multi-port fan system can pull stale air from various parts of the home, including the bathrooms and kitchen, using a fan located in the attic. This system doesn’t control the intake of air from outside and it can allow allergens into the home.
  • Supply – This system is best in warm climates. It filters the incoming air in the exchange process to control pollen and dust. It also helps to dehumidify the home using spot fans in damper climates. This forced air system should have a programmable variable speed fan to conserve energy.
  • Balanced and energy recovery systems – These systems are best for installations in the Northeast. Outdoor and indoor pollutants are controlled better with balanced ventilation and its filtration system. The balanced recovery systems use two fans to equalize air pressure. Heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) use heat from exhaust air to raise the temperature in the home during the winter. You receive fresh, heated air through the ventilator. The energy recovery ventilator (ERV) also transfers some moisture from the exhaust system to the incoming air system through the heat exchanger. It can also remove too much moisture from the home to control humidity.

For more information about the types of ventilation systems and which one is best for your home, contact Rodenhiser Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning.

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