Electricity Use and Your Heating and Cooling Systems: Don’t Fall for These Myths


electricity useAccording to the Energy Star program, heating and cooling operations in your home use almost 50 percent of the energy used. Responsible and budget-minded homeowners work on conserving energy and, in many ways, they do succeed, but some homeowners have myths about electricity use that keep them from reducing monthly costs.

Electricity Use Myths Debunked

  • MYTH: The simple act of buying a high efficiency heating and or cooling unit will save money on utility bills. That new system may be too large or too small for your home. These units must be sized professionally in order to perform properly and, if not, they represent wasted electricity use or equipment that’s working too hard to do its job with resulting breakdowns.
  • MYTH: You can heat the house faster by setting the thermostat higher than normal for a few minutes and not use as much energy to get it there. The heating system, and cooling system for that matter, will only reach the predetermined temperature outflow into the space. By setting it higher than you ordinarily would, you might forget and overshoot the temperature you really wanted, wasting energy.
  • MYTH: It saves more energy to keep the heating and cooling systems running all day than to shut them off. If your home is insulated properly and doors and windows aren’t left open to the outside elements, shutting each system off when the temperature goal is reached will conserve electricity use significantly.

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