Zoning System? These Questions Will Help You Decide if It’s for You


zoning systemEnsuring the comfort of your home depends on a few factors. For some homeowners, using a zoning system to control heating and cooling is an ideal addition to a dwelling.

A zoning system gives homeowners the ability to customize temperature settings in different areas of the home, known as zones.

Benefits of Using Zoned Temperature Control

  • Temperature control versatility: Some areas of your home may be warmer or cooler than others. For example, an upstairs room may be warmer in summer than your downstairs den or kitchen. A separate zone for upstairs would allow you to lower the temperature threshold setting upstairs while raising the temperature in cooler downstairs rooms.
  • Energy savings: If you rarely use a room in your home, such as a guest room, why should you pay to heat or cool it? With a zoning system, you control that zone separately to conserve energy and save money.

Determining if Zoning Can Benefit Your Home

Here are several factors that can help determine if zoned temperature control would positively impact your particular home:

  • Your home has more than one floor
  • You have a finished basement or attic
  • Some rooms in your house are significantly hotter or cooler than others
  • Some rooms are rarely used
  • You have a common area in which residents often gather
  • You have a home office
  • Some residents of the home want a room hotter or cooler than others

For more information on determining whether your home would benefit from a zoning system, contact the professionals at Rodenhiser Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning. We proudly homeowners throughout the Route 495/128 area of Massachusetts.

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