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radiant floor heating system, Boston, Massachusetts

Many Americans still wonder if radiant floor heating is right for their homes. The answer is often a simple but understated “yes.” This method offers several unique benefits, but to understand them, we should first understand how radiant heating works

Radiant heating differs from standard, air-based systems in that it transfers thermal energy for heating and cooling the home via radiation rather than convection. This simply means a radiant heating system cools or heats the surface areas of the home to a desired temperature, whereas the usual system uses hot and cold air to achieve the desired temperature.

With radiant floor heating, piping is set inside walls, floors or ceilings throughout the home. A liquid solution runs through the system of pipes, and the solution is heated or cooled to alter the home’s temperature. A simple hot water heater can be used to power the system for the entire home.

The benefits of radiant floor heating are both significant and numerous:

  • Since the acceptable dry-bulb temperatures with this kind of system will be higher while cooling and lower while heating, radiant heating is a better way to save energy than traditional all-air systems.
  • With the addition of electronic systems, you can control the radiant heating to target certain areas in the home for more precise temperature control.
  • With traditional systems, temperature in a single room can vary as much as 15 degrees between the floor and ceiling. These layers of heat don’t exist with radiant heating, as this method usually keeps a uniform temperature in all areas of the room.
  • When it comes to aesthetics and space utilization, radiant heating still has the traditional methods beat with its hidden piping and machinery.
  • This method also improves air quality by avoiding the loud noises distributed through air systems and by using all outside air systems for ventilation.

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