Water Heater Maintenance Tasks You Can Complete to Improve Your Unit


water heater maintenanceEvery time you take a hot shower, turn on the dishwasher or wash your hands with warm water, you can thank your water heater. This simple appliance plays an important part in your everyday life, and it’s important not to leave water heater maintenance off your to-do list. By performing a few simple tasks, you can keep your water heater running properly, as well as keeping its efficiency high and energy consumption low.

  • Dial the water heater’s temperature down to 120 degrees from the usual factory setting of 140 degrees. This lower temperature setting keeps the water heater at a safe heat and consumes less energy.
  • Twice a year, partially flush the water tank to clear any sediment or deposits from the bottom of the tank. Put a bucket or large tub to catch the water underneath the drain valve, and open it to let water flow out of the tank. Watch the water and turn off the valve when the water runs clear and you have drained several gallons. Look through the clean-out hole of the tank to check for sediment or lime deposits, and carefully remove any buildup.
  • Once a year, test the temperature and pressure valve. Open the valve part way and let go of the valve handle, making sure it snaps itself shut quickly. Have the valve replaced if this does not happen.

Performing water heater maintenance should be an important part of your home upkeep schedule. Taking proper care of your water heater will keep it functioning optimally and lead to a long life for the equipment.

For more information about water heater maintenance, or for other home comfort concerns, contact Rodenhiser Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning. We’ve proudly serviced the plumbing, heating and cooling needs of homeowners throughout the Route 495/128 area of Massachusetts since 1928.

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