Considering a Heat Pump for Your MetroWest Boston Home? Learn More


considering a heat pump, Holliston, MassachusettsIf you’re upgrading your cooling or heating systems, or both, considering a heat pump with the latest advanced features for your MetroWest Boston home pays off with premium energy savings and home comfort in any season.

Efficient Cooling, Effective Heating

Heat pumps use refrigeration principles to extract heat and moisture from your home and expel it outdoors to provide energy-efficient cooling during the hot and muggy summer season. Heat pumps are also able to provide energy-efficient and effective heating during the winter months by utilizing a reversing valve, which reverses the refrigerant flow to extract heat from outside the home and release it inside.

Traditionally, heat pumps were more suitable for heating homes in climates with moderate winter temperature lows compared to the MetroWest Boston area. However, if you’re considering a heat pump with advanced features, then you’re on the right track for lower heating and cooling bills, whether the mercury plunges or soars.

These are the latest advanced features of heat pumps that can keep your home comfortable in any season:

  • Scroll compressors pump the precise refrigerant needed to maintain temperatures at the thermostat setting. Scroll compressors use fewer moving parts for greater durability, efficiency and reliability than conventional piston compressors. By closely regulating refrigerant efficiency, heat pumps with scroll compressors can provide efficient heating well below the freezing point.
  • Thermal expansion valves (TXVs) work well with conventional compressors, two-stage and scroll compressors to help control refrigerant flow into the heat-exchange coil.
  • Variable-speed air handlers adjust airflow in accordance with real-time demand. If you’ve come home from work and turned up the heat from your setback setting, the variable-speed air handler moves more volume of airflow to meet the higher heating demand. When the thermostat temperature is reached, the variable-speed air handler slows down to maintain even and comfortable temperatures. Variable-speed technology saves substantial electricity over conventional fixed-speed air handlers.

Considering a heat pump for cooling and heating your MetroWest Boston home is a good idea. Contacting Rodenhiser Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for help with your HVAC projects is a better idea yet, as we’ve helped homeowners in the Route 495/128 area of Massachusetts with HVAC decisions since 1928.

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