Seal Home Air Leaks to Stop Fall’s Chill at the Door


seal home air leaks, Boston, MassachusettsIf you’re looking for one true way to save on energy costs this winter, seal home air leaks for maximum return on investment. There are a few different ways this can be done, depending on where the air leak is located.

When you have cold air coming in through cracks, window gaps or holes in the wall, you’re wasting money. If cold air’s coming in, that also means that warm air is going out. Massachusetts winters are long, cold and very expensive, so you don’t want to wait for winter to get here before you get rid of the breeze.

Most of these cracks and holes can be found and fixed in an afternoon. The easiest way of figuring out where you have an air leak is by holding your hand or a lit incense stick up around windows, doors and other suspected problem areas, feeling for errant breezes.

To seal home air leaks, first determine if you’ll need weatherstripping, caulk or an expanding foam sealant. Weatherstripping is best used around movable areas, such as doors. For window frames and small cracks, caulk is your best bet. And for holes or large gaps, such as around basement windows, use expanding foam sealant.

There may be jobs, however, that are too big for you to handle. Large cracks in your foundation, along with any areas where you have pipes or wires entering your house, should likely be left to a professional.

You may also have other problems with air leakage that you cannot find on your own. If you have a forced air system, you may have leaky ductwork that needs attention. Over time, the ducts can loosen up a bit, causing some of the conditioned air to escape through the attic or basement. If you suspect this type of air leakage in your home, contact your trusted HVAC professional for a duct inspection.

For more information about why it’s important to seal home air leaks, please contact us at Rodenhiser Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. We’re proud to service homeowners throughout the Route 495/128 area of Massachusetts.

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