Singular Savings With a Dual-Fuel System


dual-fuel system, Framingham, MassachusettsStandard heat pumps are a great way to get affordable cooling and heating in mild climates, but what about heating your eastern Massachusetts home during the cold winter months? Consider a dual-fuel system to provide the optimum in comfort while helping you to save on your HVAC costs.

A heat pump takes advantage of outside air temperatures to heat or cool your home. Refrigerant in the system is used to transfer heat or cold into your home, depending upon the season.

In the summer months, the dual-fuel system works like an air conditioner. The heat in your home warms up the refrigerant and sends it to the outdoor unit. The heat in the refrigerant is dispersed, cooling the refrigerant. It’s then sent back into the home. The ventilation system extracts the coldness from the refrigerant with air from the cold-air return ducts blowing over the refrigerant, exchanging the heat in the air for the coldness in the refrigerant. This process leaves your home cool and sends the warmed refrigerant outside to start the process all over again.

The process is reversed in cold weather, drawing heat from outdoor air and transferring it to your home. However, a typical heat pump loses the ability to draw enough heat from the outdoor air the closer the thermostat gets to freezing. That just won’t cut it during the cold winters of New England. A dual-fuel system overcomes this by working in tandem with your existing furnace or a new high-efficiency furnace. The heat pump will warm your home during cool temperatures, and your furnace will handle the heating during really cold weather.

Such a system saves you money because it moves heat; it doesn’t create heat or coldness. It uses much less energy than a standard A/C unit or furnace. The dual-fuel system also gives your furnace a break, saving even more.

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