Cracked Heat Exchanger? How to Stay Cool and Collected


cracked heat exchanger, Holliston, MassachusettsOut of all the things that can go wrong with your furnace, having a cracked heat exchanger can be one of the worst. If left untreated, the effects of the problem can be harmful to your family. So if you think your Massachusetts home might have a damaged furnace, it’s time to learn a few things about what you’re facing.

Possible damage to your heat exchanger

Your furnace’s heat exchanger acts as a barrier that not only transfers the heat generated by the unit to the airstream before it’s distributed to your home, but also keeps toxic carbon monoxide in check. Unfortunately, problems can arise due to the constant expansion and contraction of metal that occurs when the heat switches on and off. Although this exchanger is quite durable and can sometimes last for a decade or two with proper maintenance, there are situations where the metal can be breached, leading to cracks and holes in the exchanger.

The effects of a cracked heat exchanger

This isn’t a situation to be taken lightly. Although it’s imperative that you remain calm once you’re made aware that your heat exchanger has been breached, you also don’t want to delay fixing the problem. In many instances, the damage will be severe enough for the unit to be “red-tagged,” which means that it’s not safe for operation. In some areas, once this happens, it’s unlawful to operate the unit without addressing the problem.

How do you fix it? Repairing is often not recommended. Replacement is the key here. If your furnace isn’t too old and is still under warranty, you can probably just switch out the cracked heat exchanger with a brand new one. But without a warranty, you may be better off purchasing a new, more energy-efficient furnace.

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