Lackluster Temps? Why Your Heat Pump Might Be Struggling


heat pump troubleshooting tips, Holliston, MassachusettsIs your heat pump struggling to meet your temperature needs? If so, it sounds like your heat pump’s in need of some attention. The following are some tasks you can do yourself to troubleshoot the heat pump problem. When in doubt, call a technician.

  • Make sure you’ve installed a clean filter, checked that the refrigerant level is good and kept up with yearly servicing. Also keep in mind that with temperatures below 30 degrees, a heat pump may not be able to source enough warm air to use. If you experience winter temperatures near or below 30 degrees, you will need an auxiliary heating source.
  • Check that no emergency switches are on, and also check switches for your furnace if you have one.
  • Ensure all breakers are on; you can reset them to make sure.
  • Check that the disconnect outside is on and check the fuses, if you know how to.
  • If you have a condenser, make sure that it’s full of water, plugged in and the hose isn’t clogged.
  • Check the reset button if your outside unit has one. If that’s the problem, press it again. You made need to have a technician look at it.
  • To see if your unit has a safety device that may be locking it out, you can easily reset the system by shutting it off at the breaker or thermostat. Wait one minute before turning it back on. Give it about 10 minutes to see if the outside unit kicks in again.

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