Home Insulation: Understand When to Use Each Type


home insulation types, Boston, MassachusettsHome insulation aids in keeping our homes cozy by slowing the movement of heat into and out of the house. It also saves money. Whether you’re looking to improve your home comfort levels or save money by saving energy, it’s important to choose the right type of insulation for the job.

Heat always moves from warmer to colder areas. It can move in three ways: conduction, convection and radiation. Insulation slows these movements and provides a barrier to keep our homes comfortable.

There are many types of insulating materials, each with their own properties and assets. While the types of product may vary, they all have the same goal in mind — to keep your house comfortable and save your energy dollars.

To choose the proper material to insulate your home, you need to know where you want or need the product and the recommended R-value, or resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value the better.

Here’s a brief overview of several types of home insulation and where they’re best used:

Blanket: batts and rolls

  • Unfinished walls
  • Ceilings and floors
  • Attic

Concrete block

  • Unfinished walls
  • Major remodeling
  • New construction
  • Walls

Foam board

  • Unfinished walls
  • Ceilings and floors
  • Non-vented roofs, low-slope

Concrete forms, insulating

  • Unfinished walls
  • New construction foundations and walls

Blown-in and loose-fill

  • Existing closed walls
  • New walls with holes
  • Unfinished attic floors
  • Hard to reach spots

Reflective systems

  • Unfinished walls, ceilings and floors


  • Ductwork and other high temperature locations

Foam, sprayed

  • Existing walls, closed
  • New wall openings
  • Unfinished attic floors

Insulated panels

  • Unfinished walls, ceilings and floors
  • Roofs, new construction

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