Guard Against These All Too Common Home Hazards


overloaded plug - home hazards, Boston, MassachusettsWinter in our region is the season when home hazards present the highest risk for electrical, fire and hazardous chemical problems. Homes are tightly sealed and fireplaces and furnaces operate overtime to keep you warm. These tips can help you reduce the hazards associated with home heating, electrical and chemical hazards.


  • Never overload an electrical socket. Don’t use power cubes or extension cords for multiple devices, especially space heaters. These take a good deal of electricity and overloading a circuit can cause the wires inside the walls to get hot, causing a fire.
  • Don’t run any appliance, regardless of its size or importance, that emits a smoky or burnt rubber smell.
  • Never run cords under rugs or carpeting. Over time, the insulation covering the wire can wear out and cause shorts that start fires.


  • If you use any combustible paint or furniture finishes during the winter, be sure that you soak the rags or brushes you’ve used in water before disposing of them. Some products emit heat as they dry, which can cause spontaneous combustion.
  • Don’t use gas or diesel to start a fire indoors for your fireplace.

Fire hazards

  • Have your heating system professionally cleaned annually. HVAC professionals inspect the flue or chimney, making sure that they’re free from any obstructions that could increase the carbon monoxide (CO) levels inside your home, along with cleaning all the parts, increasing efficiency and reducing any home hazards associated with heating your home.
  • Keep the air filter clean to assure the free flow of air through the blower. Over time, a dirty filter can cause problems with your heating system that can adversely affect your health and the safety of your heating system.
  • Check your CO and smoke detectors monthly. A malfunctioning heating system or fireplace can emit dangerous levels of CO into your home.

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