Be Smart And Prepare Now For A Winter Weather Emergency


winter weather emergency, Boston, MassachusettsEast Coast winters are notoriously unpredictable. A blizzard could knock out your power and confine you to your home for days – a prospect that should motivate you to prepare now for a winter weather emergency.

Several winter storms wreaked havoc on the Northeast last year, and many homeowners learned the hard way that they were woefully unprepared to keep warm and otherwise prevent threats to their health and safety. Don’t let this happen to you.

When you have some time, prepare your home for winter weather emergencies by:

  • Testing your home generator, if you have one, to ensure that it works. Keep a supply of gasoline in a safe place.
  • Making sure everyone in your home has a flashlight, and load all the flashlights with fresh batteries. Keep an extra supply of batteries on hand.
  • Purchasing a portable radio — and, better still, one that is pre-programmed to carry regional weather bulletins. Keep a supply of batteries on hand for the radio.
  • Purchasing a first-aid kit or preparing your own by following instructions provided by the American Red Cross
  • Purchasing several cases of bottled water
  • Storing cell phone chargers for the car so they’re easily accessible
  • Cutting plenty of wood for your wood-burning fireplace, if you have one
  • Sealing doors and windows with caulk, applying weatherstripping to doors, and sealing your windows with protective insulating plastic
  • Wrapping pipes that are adjacent to outside walls with old towels or insulation jackets to prevent them from freezing
  • Disengaging your electric garage door and practicing opening it manually
  • Keeping the gas tanks in your vehicles full or at least half-full

If the power does go out during a winter storm:

  • Put on several layers of light clothing and several pairs of socks. Cover your head with earmuffs or a hat and wear a scarf and gloves.
  • Unplug electronics to prevent damage from a surge when the power returns.
  • Keep perishable food in the refrigerator and freezer from spoiling by avoiding opening the doors as much as possible. Food should stay cold for at least 24 hours.

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