Foolproof Moisture-Fighting Strategies To Keep Mold At Bay


mold-fighting strategies, Boston, MassachusettsMold is a major annoyance for any homeowner, and it can also be a health problem, especially for allergy sufferers. You’re not helpless in the fight against mold, as the key to fighting mold growth is controlling moisture.

Here are a few moisture-fighting strategies to help you keep mold out of your home.

  • Ventilation — A ventilation system pulls contaminated and moist air out of your home, and exchanges it with fresh air. Increasing the amount of airflow to your home will also help control humidity levels, particularly if you install a system designed to eliminate moisture, such as an energy recovery ventilator. Using exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom will quickly draw moisture out, too. During the summer, use your air conditioner to help dehumidify the air, and you can supplement the A/C by using ceiling and attic fans. During dry weather, opening windows is a low-cost method of controlling relative humidity in the home.
  • Heating and cooling maintenance — An annual professional tune-up, in addition to helping with other moisture-fighting strategies, will keep your system running efficiently, helping it to combat moisture. Maintenance will also include an inspection of your ductwork to optimize airflow and circulation. Homeowners should clear the area around the furnace and air conditioner to prevent airflow blocks, and change the systems’ air filters regularly to increase overall efficiency.
  • Fix leaky pipes and other plumbing — Fix these problems as soon as possible. The longer the issue persists, the more moisture will build up. Dry up any wet spots immediately, and after plumbing problems are fixed, ventilate the area well.
  • Use a dehumidifier — Portable dehumidifiers work well for controlling moisture in specific areas, especially when the air outside is warm and moist, which makes ventilation less effective. Whole-house dehumidifiers are viable options for controlling moisture throughout the home; however, these system have a higher initial cost than other moisture-fighting strategies.

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