How To Take Charge Of Your Winter Heating Costs


It’s easy to take charge of winter heating costs, even if rising gas prices are out of your control. Take advantage of many ways you can reduce your heating bills that cost little or nothing to implement:

Keep the temperature down: For every degree you turn your thermostat back, you can save about 3 percent on heating costs. Turning back the temperature while you’re away or sleeping can also significantly decrease your bill this winter.

Turn off bathroom fans when their job is done: If you leave hard-working fans on longer than necessary, they can pull heated air out of your home.

Close the fireplace damper: Since heat rises, an open damper is the perfect escape route for warm air.

Shut off rooms you use infrequently: There’s no need to heat rooms that are seldom occupied. Close the door to these rooms and shut the supply air vent.

Use window coverings correctly: Drapes and curtains are decorative and provide privacy, but they can also help decrease your winter heating costs. Open them during the day to let the sunlight pour in, and close them at night to help insulate the windows.

Turn down the temperature on the water heater: Decrease it to 120 degrees to save power without a noticeable difference in water temperature when you turn on a faucet.

Insulate your water heater and pipes: “Jackets” are designed specifically for electric and gas water heaters to help keep winter heating costs down. Insulating the pipes prevents heat loss as the water makes it way to the faucet.

Plug leaks: Use caulk to seal cracks around windows and doors, apply weather stripping to movable joints, and place door sweeps under exterior doors to keep bitter winter winds out.

Invest in a furnace tune-up: The cost to have your furnace maintained will pay for itself in energy savings. A well-maintained furnace runs more efficiently and keeps heating costs down all season long.

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