Keeping Sewer Roots Out Of Your Sewer Line


sewer line troubleshooting Boston, MA areaTrees lend beauty to a lawn. They can provide a shading that enhances your cooling in the summer and absorbs heat from the sun. Tree roots, on the other hand, can cause problems. One major problem happens when they grow into sewer lines and clog them. 

Moisture from a leaking line is a draw for tree roots – because they need water, roots grow toward it. Any compromise in the pipe can be an area where roots will infiltrate a sewer line. There are a few effective ways to deal with this problem:

  • Tree Removal. Taking the tree out may or may not be an option. If the tree is yours and it is not a necessary part of your property, cutting it down can solve the problem. If the tree is on a neighbor’s property, he or she may be willing to work with you and share the expense of removing the tree. If tree removal is not an option, try one of the solutions below.
  • Root Barriers. Plastic root barriers are made to block roots from getting to your sewer line. They are very labor-intensive to place into the ground, however. A trench will have to be dug 3 to 4 feet in depth parallel with the waste line. If the tree is close to the line, you may want to consult an arborist. Cutting certain roots can kill or damage the tree, and you’ll end up taking the tree down anyway.
  • Call a Professional. Professional plumbing contractors deal with these situations on a continual basis. They have the means and equipment to clear the roots from the sewer line and resolve the situation. They can also offer suggestions and options to make sure the problem doesn’t recur.

If trees are causing backup problems or you want to get ahead of a potential problem, contact our plumbers at Rodenhiser. We can help you with the situation or answer your questions so you never have one. Call with your questions; we’re always ready to help.

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