HVAC Companies’ Qualifications Can Be An Indicator Of Technician Quality: Here’s Why


HVAC companies are only as good as the technicians they hire, so it’s important to know what qualifications they have. Most companies will prominently display their affiliations, so it’s easy to determine, but you can always ask your contractor to send a technician with specific certifications.

When you are hiring a new contractor, always find out which certifications are required for their technicians. In addition to local and state programs, HVAC companies can achieve certification from the federal EPA and NATE, two licenses you should always look for.

EPA Lead-Safe Certification:
For companies that do work that may disturb lead-based paint in buildings built prior to 1978, the EPA requires the workers to have lead-safe certification. Although many HVAC repairs and installations do not affect older paint work, if there is any possibility that they will, you should ensure that your technician has this certification, especially if you have children in your home. If not handled properly, lead paint can cause health problems including learning disabilities and speech delays.

NATE – North American Technician Excellence: The primary certifying body for HVAC companies is NATE. The certification includes comprehensive ongoing training and rigorous testing processes to ensure that only qualified technicians are certified. The main reasons to look for NATE-certified technicians are: the assurance that you will receive quality service; improved energy efficiency of your equipment; fewer callbacks; and lower utility bills. HVAC companies that hire NATE-certified technicians have a commitment to quality and service.

Your heating and cooling equipment is a significant investment that should be protected by qualified professionals who achieve the highest training standards available. NATE certification ensures that your technician meets these standards. If your home was built before 1978, be sure to ask about EPA certification before you hire a new HVAC contractor.

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