Annual Service: Why Twice A Year Is Better


Winter nights in Massachusetts can be brutal. There’s not much that’s worse than coming home to a broken furnace and a freezing house.  Annual service for your heating and cooling systems helps to ensure this won’t happen, and it also ensures your system functions most effectively and efficiently.

Because your furnace and your air conditioner each require a maintenance check before their peak seasons, it’s smart to have maintenance technicians visit twice a year.  Scheduling annual service calls helps keep your home heating and cooling system healthy, especially when compared to the price of repairs or a new furnace or A/C. Without regular attention, even the best systems can become a financial burden: Clogged filters, malfunctioning thermostats, unsealed ductwork, sooty flues and unlubricated fan motors can significantly reduce heating and cooling efficiency. Clean, well-adjusted systems save money on fuel costs and extend the life of your equipment.

Among tasks your HVAC technician should perform during your annual A/C check, he or she should: clean your A/C’s coils if needed, check all electrical parts, lubricate the moving parts that need it, check your refrigerant level and system controls, clean the drain tubes, and check the fan and blower components.

When performing annual service on your heating equipment, your technician should: check all belts and filters and replace them as necessary, lubricate the circulating fan, inspect the heat exchanger, flue and ducts, and make a burner adjustment if needed.

Of course, there are other tasks involved. A good technician will come armed with a long annual-service checklist to ensure that nothing is overlooked — and that he or she leaves your equipment in the best possible condition for all of its hard work ahead.

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