Air Conditioning Upgrade In Your Future? Split System Or Packaged Models


air conditioning service and repair Massachusetts areaAir conditioning systems over 10 years old are typically not very efficient; this is also the time when they require more repairs and maintenance. If your air conditioner is older, it may be time to consider upgrading your cooling system to a new, high-efficiency unit. When you do upgrade, you will have to decide which type of system to install: a split-system or a packaged unit.

So, what is the difference between these two types of air conditioning systems?

Split Systems
In this type of air conditioning system, you will have an outdoor unit that houses the condenser and compressor, and an indoor cabinet with the evaporator. The indoor cabinet may also contain the components of your heating system, whether it is a furnace or a heat pump.

Packaged Systems
In this system, all of the components of the air conditioner — the evaporator, condenser, and compressor — are all located outdoors in the same cabinet. As with a split-system, the furnace can be contained in the same cabinet, but all of the equipment is located outside your home, either on the roof or on a concrete slab next to your home.

The type of system you choose will depend on a number of factors including your existing equipment set-up, the size of the system you will need to cool your home, and the type of heating equipment you have. The best way to make sure you select the air conditioning system that will work best in your home is to work with a professional.

The professionals at Rodenhiser can evaluate your heating and cooling needs to help you decide which system is right for your home.  After you have decided, professional installation and maintenance will help ensure that your air conditioning equipment runs efficiently and lasts as long as possible so you can get the most from your investment.  Summer is coming to Massachusetts sooner than you think; call today for a consultation, before the heat hits. We’ve been serving the Route 495/128 area for 80 years.

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