Repiping Reconsidered


Like all household appliances and fixtures, water pipes don’t last forever. There will be times when you need plumbing maintenance or repair, which may include replacing the existing pipe with a more durable material. Older, corroded water pipes can cause undesirable effects that you don’t need to live with.

How do you know when to consider repiping in your home? If you are experiencing any of the following situations, pipe replacement may solve the problem:

  • Water pressure problems
  • Leaks in pipes
  • Brown or discolored water
  • Water that tastes bad

A good way to diagnose the cause of these problems for sure is to work with an experienced professional who can evaluate your entire plumbing system. Your contractor may recommend replacing corroded pipes with copper piping that will last longer and be safer for your family.

Even if you have plumbing maintenance experience, it is important to work with a professional to replace corroded or worn pipes with copper piping for the following reasons:

  • The soldering compounds used for copper may be different from those used for other metals.
  • Compression fittings must be properly sized and joined to the pipes.
  • The pH level of your water may affect copper if it is too high or low.  A professional can ensure that you have the correct filters or chemical additives to correct any imbalances caused by water pH.

Although copper is the most popular piping material used today, there are several other options that could be best for your home.

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