Will Your A/C Survive The Summer? Our Repair Or Replace Tips


When the season ended last summer, was your air conditioning in good working order? Have you needed repairs during the past two seasons? Is your air conditioner more than 10 years old? Does your energy bill increase dramatically when the weather gets hot?

These are all questions to ask yourself to help determine how your cooling system will perform during the summer heat that’s about to arrive in Massachusetts.  Here are a few “repair or replace” tips:

  • Regular Maintenance — If you have regular maintenance performed on your air conditioner every year before the first start-up, it should be ready. A NATE-certified technician will always thoroughly check the unit, clean it and replace worn parts. He will also recommend any other needed service.
  • Monitor Power Use — If your power use does not go up dramatically from summer to summer, you are probably safe keeping your current unit and making inexpensive repairs. Older units get less and less efficient as they age.
  • Number of Repairs — If you are not having to get repairs made each year, you are probably in good shape for another summer. A high or frequent number of repairs can be an indicator that your unit should be replaced.
  • Age of Air Conditioner — If your air conditioning unit is less than 10 years old, well-maintained and consistently reliable, you should be ready for another summer of use. If it’s older, you may want to consider a new system. Today’s equipment is far more energy efficient.

Air conditioners with frequent problems should be replaced. Those that have passed the decade mark should also be replaced. If your unit has not had preventive maintenance during the past year, problems could be ahead.

Models older than 10 years are very inefficient compared to new models. Investing in a new, energy-efficient air conditioning unit could cut your cooling costs by  up to 30 percent. Before the summer starts, evaluate your unit. If you think you may not be ready for summer weather, call our specialists at Rodenhiser. We’ll help you get ready for a comfortable summer season.

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