Questions to Ask When Choosing a New Water Heater


When your water heater heats its last drop of water and can’t be repaired, you may find yourself having to make a snap decision because you don’t have time to ponder the options. Your family needs hot water now. But by gathering a little knowledge from some good questions, selecting the right one out of all those available makes the replacement and installation much quicker.

What are the most energy-efficient models? How long does a typical warranty last? What does a warranty cover? Is the labor to install the replacement tank included in the warrantee? If the water heater is a tank-style, do I ever need to drain the tank? Which water heaters have the most reliable heating elements? How often should the heating elements be replaced? Is it better to let a licensed plumber replace a bad element or can I installing the replacement?

Tankless water heaters are also available, but know that they cost more up front. Ask what changes would need to be made to install a tankless system. How much does the installation cost compared to one with a tank? What size would be needed to produce the same amount of hot water at roughly the same cost as the old one? How long do they last compared to conventional water heaters?

There are also questions to ask yourself. Did I run out of hot water often with my old unit? If so, you may need a unit with more capacity. If your family is growing, that can also be an indication of a need to get a higher capacity tank. How long did the old one last? Generally, a traditional storage water heater will last around 5 to 7 years, sometimes longer if properly maintained. If yours is over ten years old consider replacing or upgrading to a tankless before it leaks.

If yours is getting near the point of replacement, it may be a good time to be proactive and determine the best type for your needs. Of course, the professionals at Rodenhiser can help you with expert advice. Give us a call. We can help you.

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